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Abdominal Muscle Plasty

On the midline of the abdomen a weak line running from the pubis to the chest may develop when the attachment between the straight muscles on both sides of the midline gets stretched. The muscles proper can also get overstretched. Pregnancy is the most common source of these conditions but they are also found sometimes after important weight loss in both women and men. The waist becomes enlarged. The weakening of the muscles causes hollowing of the lower back. When abdominal muscle exercises are performed, a bulge on the midline becomes apparent.

If excision of skin and fat tissue is not necessary, the muscles can be repositioned in the midline by an endoscopic operation. The incisions are made in the umbilicus and on the border of the pubic hair. The scars are small and usually inconspicuous. This operation requires general anaesthesia and at least an overnight hospital stay.

It may be combined with liposculpture or be part of an extended abdominoplasty.