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Ptotic (sagging) breasts can be lifted by the removal of skin excess and/or by higher fixation of the breast on the chest muscles. Small corrections may be performed under local anaesthesia. Larger corrections require general anaesthesia and an overnight hospital stay.

For small corrections a ring of skin is removed around the areola. This can be done for breast that fill an A or B cup if sagging is not excessive. When the breast structure has to be modified internally, this may still be possible through an incision that leaves a scar around the areola only.

For important modifications an incision similar to the one used in a breast reduction may be required. This leaves a vertical scar from the areola to the fold under the breast in addition to the one around the areola. The most severe cases may also need a scar placed in the inframammary fold.

Occasionally small breasts can be lifted through a small incision in het fold under the breast.

In small mastopexies, the central part of the breast remains intact. Therefore some patients can still breast feed after the operation. Sensation in the breasts and in the nipples may change. Either oversensitivity, undersensivity or absence of sensation may occur. Generally, sensation gradually becomes normal after a few months, but permanent changes remain possible. The greater the amount of skin to be removed, the higher the chances that sensation is altered.

Larger corrections may require later touch-up surgery.

A breast lifting procedure may be combined with an augmentation, to correct both volume shortage and skin excess.