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Curettage of armpit sweat glands

The sweat glands of excessively sweaty underarms cannot be neutralised by deodorants indefinitely. After all, some ingredients in deodorants blocking the pores, are not well tolerated by everyone.

Through an incision of one centimetre at most, under local anaesthesia, the skin of the armpits can be released from the underlying fat. The sweat glands are scraped from the undersurface of the skin by modified liposculpture. Admission is limited to a few hours. There is some discomfort, but light work can be resumed the next day. The skin wil adhere to the fat layer like a graft.

Usually, healing is uneventful. Because of the very short incision there is much less visible scarring than after open surgery on the armpits. Temporary hardening of the operated zone is normal.

There is a small chance that a complication will arise by which the skin does not completely take, resulting in an open wound. This would require appropriate dressings and wound care for considerable time.

This definitive treatment of sweaty armpits is more cost-effective over the course of a few years than injections every six to twelve months.