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The beam of a fractional laser does not reach the entire treated skin surface. Several hundreds of small dots, evenly distributed, are heated, while the rest of the surface remains untouched. Some of the lasered skin disappears by evaporation, some contracts. In most treatments the dots make up about 20% of the skin surface while 80% is spared. Extra collagen is produced in the healing process, which further tightens the skin.

The eyelids swell for a few days and the little crusts separate after approximately five days. Because there is a risk of pigmentation problems, the skin has to be treated with specific creams a few weeks before and after the treatment. There is a very small risk of infection or scar formation.

Most treatments consist of three sessions with an interval of approximately six weeks.

Laser treatment is a safer and more reliable treatment for wrinkles or limited skin excess on the lower eyelids than classic, surgical correction for many patients. The latter more often than not gives rise to an "operated" or somewhat changed look.