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Hair growth

Durable hair removal can be carried out with intense pulsed light (IPL) for aesthetic reasons, for comfort (e.g. sportsmen/women) or to prevent irritation and infection caused by in-growing hairs. This treatment can be carried just as much for men as for women.



While a cooling system protects the outer skin layers a laser beam or intense pulsed light (IPL) destroys the hair roots.

Hair roots switch between an active state and a resting state. The treatment only works on the hairs in an active state. In one successful treatment 10 to 30% of the hair roots are destroyed, depending on the body region. The remaining hairs also become thinner and softer.

A treatment with more energy will remove more hair but will also carry a higher risk of damaging the skin’s pigment. A test treatment on a small surface is therefore recommended, especially for those who tan easily. The equipment is adjusted to have a softer effect for darker skin types. In that case, more treatments are necessary.

The darker and thicker the hairs, the more sensitive they are to laser and IPL. Darker hairs in the armpits and groin can also be treated very effectively in this way. Hair removal is possible for nearly every body-part. The method does not work on white, grey, light blond or light red hairs.



It is best not to shave for a few days before calling for a first consultation. This allows the doctor to get a good idea of your hair growth, your desires and the treatment possibilities.

For the treatment itself, you should come with smoothly shaven skin. This prevents visible hairs from absorbing the energy which is meant for the hair roots.

For groin or bikini-line treatment you may, if you wish, wear a white string which covers only the area from which you do not want hair to be removed.

It is very important not to tan from six weeks before until two months after the treatment.



Success depends on hair type, the hair cycle, skin type and the pain treshold. Dark, stiff hairs in the pubic area in fair skinned individuals can be treated very well. However, each flash of light may sting considerably for a fraction of a second. Sometimes the patient's sensitivity does not allow deliverance of the best dose of light energy.

On the back only 10-15% of the hair follicles are in the growth phase. Therefore, many treatments will be necessary, even in fair haired individuals with dark hair who support the treatment very well.

If your hair and skin type suit the treatment, you can assume that you will obtain permanent reduction of hair growth. The remaining hairs are fairer, finer and softer. This may make the difference between frequent shaving with a lot of irritation and an easy, weekly shave.

It there is a reasonable chance that, eventually, all hair will be completely gone from the treated area, it will be told, but a complete result cannot be guaranteed.


Cost / benefit

After three treatments with an interval of four to eight weeks, it is recommended to wait a bit longer, e.g. for three months. Hair growth will almost certainly increase and a more accurate estimation of the eventual result will be possible. The optimal interval between this session and the next varies from person to person.

Spreading the treatments over a long treatment period helps to spend the considerable budget as efficiently as possible.