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The Treatment Plan - Informed Consent

This website provides general information with a view to better focusing the consultation on your particular question or problem. You can prepare by studying it before the visiting the doctor and use it to better reflect on the personal information that you receive. Eventually, your treatment plan will be finalised for you at the office and confirmed in written.
The website is not a manual, nor does it provide complete lists of complications. An important part of the information is given orally at the office. The doctor takes your personal wishes, your physique and your medical history into account to propose treatment options.
For all aesthetic treatments, handing over a signed treatment plan to the patient is a legal obligation. In case of surgery, a reflexion period of at least fifteen days after receipt of the plan is compulsory, before an appointment can be made. While the most severe complications have to be mentioned in the plan, even an exhaustive, written study of possible complications and side-effects can be incomplete. A complication can occur for the first time without having been described in the medical literature.
It is very important to only make an appointment for treatment after proper consideration, no matter how small the procedure may be. Write down your questions. In case of doubt, rather call for another consultation before the treatment.