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Vaginal Dryness and Vaginal Lining Atrophy

Vaginal dryness, itching, burning sensation, painful intercourse, painful urination, urgency to urinate and stress incontinence are sometimes due to a less than optimal condition of the vaginal lining (atrophy). This may occur during menopause or after treatment for breast cancer. A decrease in blood circulation,hydratation of the mucosa (lining), vaginal secretion and a change in acidity may contribute to the development of this condition. Some of these symptoms may also occur after delivery.

Biostimulation by induction of heat with an elecrical (radiofrequency) current can tighten skin in other areas. This technology can also be applied to the vagina, but in a different way. The vaginal lining is thinner and conducts better than skin. Therefore, nor external skin nor the vaginal lining need to be injected or punctured for this painless treatment.

The probe, which is introduced in the vagina, contains sensors for temperature and the contact electrodes which emit the radiofrequency current. The treatment consists of four consecutive parts of four to six minutes each. The only intervention by the physician is rotation of the probe by a quarter turn between treatment parts.

This treatment can be performed upon referral by a general practitioner or a gynecologist, in case treatment with vaginal cream or hormonal replacement therapy are insufficient.