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Breast augmentation by lipofilling after with negative pressure therapy

This lady underwent breast augmentation by expansion with negative pressure, followed by lipofilling.
For one month before the operation, domes with a soft border were applied over the breasts at night and during week-ends. A small pump provided light suction, which made the breasts gradually expand. 
Fat was harvested by gentle liposculpture from the waistline, the abdomen, the thighs and the inner aspect of the knees.
The fat was filtered and injected through stab incisions of at most three millimetres on the border of the areola and at the base of the breast. The fat was injected in the subcutaneous tissue, in the breasts and in the muscles under the breasts.
The fat was distributed homogeneously over the entire breast.
Compare the images: the left picture of each pair shows the situation before the operation. On the right you see the result after three and a half months.
Age category: 35 - 39 years.

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